Lucas DeShazer is an Oregon-based photographer focusing on western America with an anthropological perspective. His work covers public spaces, faded Americana and mortality.

I have some of my other work at the collective website "some photographers" (

I have several prints for sale at Ultrashop. I also sell all photos as prints directly, you can shoot me a message on my contact page.


Horses - collaborative photozine with the photographers from

The Sprawl - collaborative photozine with Tham Jing Wen, Michael Garbutt, and Tom Olson

Various Small Failures - collaborative photozine, layout by me, photos from around the world (some for sale, ask on my contact page)

Reciprocal Failure - kickstarted photo zine curated by (and starring) me (currently unavailable)


Optic Zine, Vol. 1

Waterstone Review, Vol. 22, "Tending to Fires"

The Drawers, 2021


Nowhere Diaries - interview

Joia Magazine (ES)

205dpi - photomagazine with interview

Muybridge's Horse

Kissing Eyes Magazine


Trollsen Twins

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